Party over: Club that moved into Fizzary space ousted (updated)


The party has ended for an alleged gambling den on Mission Street. After a shooting and months of police calls, the operators of an after-hours club inside the former Fizzary soda shop have been evicted.

Earlier today, an eviction notice and no trespassing warning were posted on the door of 2949 Mission St., subleased in September by a couple who claimed they planned to run a vitamin business. A neighbor also told me he saw two men leaving the space before the notices were posted, one of whom was carrying items in a cardboard box.

Kenya Briggs, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s department, confirmed the eviction took place this morning. The evicted subtenants, who Capp Street Crap is not identifying because they have not been charged with a crime, did not respond to a note left several days ago on the business seeking comment.

Tim Costigan, who owns Mission Critter pet store right next door, said he is glad it’s over even though the club’s presence didn’t affect him as much as it did people who live on the block.

“It was really for the neighbors and the neighborhood,” he said of the eviction. “I’d like to have a nice, viable business in there.”

Referencing similar clubs that have popped up elsewhere in the city, faced police crackdowns, then simply relocated, Costigan said he feels bad for the next people who deal with his former neighbors.

“The sad thing is these people never really go away. They just go plague another neighborhood,” he said.

Former Fizzary owner Taylor Peck, who was evicted as a residential tenant from the building as a result of the club and went so far as vandalizing the front of the building to try to get authorities to act, had a harsher way of putting it.

“God help the property owner, tenants, and neighborhood that those low life speakeasy vampires will inevitably sink their infected fangs into next,” he said.

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