A marquee event: Doc’s working to get its sign back.

UPDATE 2/20/18: A Doc’s Clock employee has also launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to move the bar’s neon sign.

Amy Benjamin, who has been working at the bar for the past four years to pay for college, said starting the campaign was the least she could do given owner Carey Suckow’s countless efforts to raise money for community causes.

Among other efforts, Benjamin noted fundraisers Suckow has held at the bar for animal rescue groups and the victims of Mission fires.

“It’s her turn to have her community support her,” Benjamin wrote in an email. “She’s the kindest most caring person I’ve ever worked for and this is one of the only ways I can even begin to try to repay her for all the amazing things she’s done for everyone else.”

ORIGINAL POST: Doc’s Clock could see its name in lights once again.

After losing its lease and moving down Mission Street without its iconic neon, the bar has come to an agreement with its former landlord to get the sign back.

Carey Suckow, Doc’s owner, said she’s been working to secure permits to move the massive Doc’s Clock sign from its old spot at 2575 Mission St. to the bar’s new digs two blocks away at 2417 Mission.

Doc’s former landlord had previously announced that she planned to open a restaurant in the bar’s old spot and wanted to keep the bar’s sign there.

Moving the sign won’t be cheap. Suckow estimates the cost at upward of $20,000.

“We had an issue with a neighbor at our new space so costs will go up, but we are determined to make this happen,” Suckow explained in an email.

The bar has a fundraiser scheduled for March 2nd at the bar, complete with silent auction and raffle, to raise money to defray the cost of relocating the sign.

Or, as Suckow points out, you can always come in a buy a drink or two on any other day to lend your support.

As the sign states: It’s “cocktail time,” indeed.

[Photo via Thomas Hawk/Flickr]

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