Not a whopper: Burger King has closed

The (Burger) King is dead.

The fast-food franchise has abdicated its throne as the last standing cheapo burger joint at the intersection of 16th and Mission streets following the closure of McDonald’s, which formerly sat across the street, in 2015. Joe Arellano, a spokesman for a proposed housing development the Burger King sits in the middle of, at 1979 Mission St., said the restaurant’s owners decided to shut down on their own.

“They have been on a month-to-month lease term for a couple of years now,” Arellano wrote in an email. “We had hoped that they would have stayed open longer, but ultimately it was their decision to leave.”

Despite its royal name, the establishment was rated a mere 1.5 stars on Yelp, a fact pointed out by Twitter SFCitizen, and racked up some impressively bad reviews. Here are some nuggets:


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