Too ghoul for school. Help support a Halloween tradition

No trick, a Capp street artist’s space is planning a massive treat this Halloween – and needs your help pulling it off.

The Secret Alley and its gallery neighbor, The Galallery, have launched an online campaign to raise $7,000 to build what they describe as their most ambitious Halloween installation to date. Organizers are reluctant to give away too many details but say it will be immersive and include animatronic special effects and animated projections.

An artists’ space and home to community radio station, The Secret Alley has put on four Halloween installations since opening at 180 Capp St. in 2005. The Galallery, which showcases the work of emerging artists, joined the effort two years ago. Past installations have included a mad scientist’s lab, a UFO crash and a sprawling pumpkin patch featuring 10-foot tall animatronic pumpkin monster. (Editor’s note: A friend and I volunteered last year for vine painting duties.)

As part of their online campaign, The Secret Alley and The Galallery are offering rewards, like tickets and gifts, in exchange for donations. Shy on funds? You can also volunteer your skills or time. Read more about it here.

[Photo via The Secret Alley]

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