That’s the spirit: Zeitgeist seeking license to expand

Already ample with a big backyard full of picnic tables, Zeitgeist wants to give you more to love.

The Valencia Street beer garden has applied to expand its liquor license to include a neighboring building purchased by the bar’s owners in 2016. A former sheet metal shop, 80 Duboce Ave. backs onto Zeitgeist’s backyard. Think the wall painted with tipsy pink elephants.

A yellow California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control notice was recently put up in Zeitgeist’s front window, where it will remain for the 30-day approval period.

Angela Scott, one of the bar’s managers, said the adjacent building is about the size of Zeitgeist’s backyard, though plans are far from fleshed out in terms of what will be done with the space.

“We’re excited to see what happens,” she said. “Stay tuned.”

Whatever transpires, it’s a fair guess that it won’t encroach on the bar’s sun-soaked outdoor space. Zeitgeist fought plans to build condos across the street, arguing that they would cast a shadow over the beer garden and hurt business. In February, the San Francisco Planning Commission voted to reduce the height of the proposed five-story development by five feet.

[Top photo by torbakhopper/Flickr]

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