OverDOOing it?

So we don’t really know for sure whether this angry car owner wrote part of this garage door screed in poop or not. (It kinda looks that way, and it does read “caca.”)

A few things are clear however: Someone, who got their small car towed, thinks the owner of this Capp Street garage is a really bad person and, well, parking in the city is some serious business.

[Photo by Nadia Drake]

4 thoughts on “OverDOOing it?

  1. Josh M

    Shouldn’t be too hard for the police to track down the offender here, as there’s a record of the tow and license plate. I suspect the vandalism and harassment charges will cost even more than the tow.

    1. Proncias MacAnEan

      That would be a good place to start, but it wouldn’t rise to the level of proof needed to convict someone of any offense.
      Now if they used their own fecal matter, there may very well be DNA evidence. May be overkill for such an offence though.

  2. Elvira Shatumba

    Would be a good idea but laws are only enforced in San Francisco in case of murder witnessed by an SFPD officer. That’s it. Everything else is a free for all.

  3. DocAmazing

    Parking in a driveway? The person towed needs to lean up the garage door with his/her tongue. Take the bus next time.


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