Massive post-election hug planned for Dolores Park

Exhausted, pissed off and terrified of our new dark overlord? Protests not your thing? Ease your post-election blues this weekend by hugging it out in Dolores Park.

A massive group hug and gathering will take place at 3 p.m. Saturday in the park. As of this morning 55 people were going and 425 were interested, according to the Facebook event page. Here are some more details:

This election is one of the most difficult elections we’ve ever faced, and we’re all in a lot of pain. Come meet at Dolores park for hugs and community support, including at least one giant group hug, to spread the love and remind each other that we are here for one another as one family.

Look for folks carrying a sign that says “Group Hug”

This is an open invitation, so invite everyone you can! Let’s get the biggest group hug you can imagine!

Here’s to touching strangers — in a nice way.

[Photo by Matt Baume/Flickr]

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