Just received an email containing more information about the May 16 and 17 auditions for that TV pilot that will be set in the Mission called ‘94110.’ Here are the roles they are casting for. Which one are you?


Lead A
Spazzy, neurotic. Riding a wave of luck and success from five years ago. Tries to get out of commitments. Things always go their way even though they may not be deserving.  

Lead B
Ambitious, smart, overbearing behind closed doors, in a box. Just left another large company due to the lack of upward mobility and is looking to be their own boss as they regroup. Has government connections.

Lead C
Engineer, “kinda.” Socially awkward, but well regarded. Likes punk rock, addicted to vaping.

Lead D
Timorous, a lil “weird” but driven to be successful. Hard working, programmer at heart, putting in all nighters. Social life on hold.

Lead E
Alternates between bubbly and sharp as fuck. One of the gang and has alcohol-fueled bro-downs for brainstorming sessions.

Lead F
B R O in lifestyle and mindset. Body workouts and charm stand in for lack of ideas and ability. Super fun to hang with. Likeable but not trustworthy.

Supporting Characters:

Supporting A:
VC with lots of likes and followers, puts out good vibes and gets good returns. Knows that they have what people want, and uses that for leverage. Willing to pay more for quality.

Supporting B:
Working several task based jobs in the 94110 and hustles to make the monthly cut. Gets the attention of others without effort. Is curious, but jaded and opinionated.

Supporting C:
Out of the Box confidence, using guerrilla strategies for native applications. Existential crisis-prone; self-help book enthusiast.

[photos via Doctor Popular]

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