Mission business idea


Are you addicted to Pokemon Go, but not feeling safe given the spate of crimes related to the latest craze sweeping the species? Well, you’re in luck.

Proving yet again that entrepreneurialism can solve anything, one Mission resident is offering his services protecting you while you continue to disengage from the real world.

Trying to catch them all, but worried about getting robbed in the process? That’s where I come in. My name is Larry and I am a professional bodyguard who is here to protect you while you search San Francisco for Pokemon.

I live across the street from a battle arena and have seen several people almost get robbed or jumped for their iPhone. DON’T BE IDIOTS PEOPLE! Is that Caterpie really worth it? NO.

Check out Larry’s full Craigslist ad here.

h/t @octonion

Photo courtesy Larry’s Craigslist ad

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