‘Hacker Lairs’ visits tech hostel 20Mission

20Mission runs a retail space that accepts Bitcoin that I wrote about in August. But what’s up with its SRO-turned-hacker-hostel above it? The second installment of a video series called “Hacker Lairs” now offers a three-minute look inside.

Posted to YouTube on Oct. 3, the video begins with a woman rather enthusiastically making a purchase in the downstairs store with Bitcoin. Later, she checks out a defunct chicken coop on the roof, Bitcoin-inspired street signs in the living area’s hallways and paper snowflakes that 20Mission’s manager said are left over from their “Snowflake Party” earlier this year. “You should Google that,” he tells her. I did. Here you go.

There are 40 people living at 20Mission, including a former software engineer “getting into the cannabis industry” and the proprietor of Glowyshit.com, which, you guessed it, sells shit that glows.

Fun facts: 20Mission is reportedly haunted and has a sister site in Spain.

Interesting. Now, if only someone would please explain this:

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