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Bright idea: Roxie Theater’s marquee restored

Things are looking brighter for San Francisco’s oldest cinema. On Sunday, the Roxie Theater turned on its newly restored neon marquee and riser, the culmination of an effort that dates back to 2015. Operations Director Lex Sloan said that while the neon portions of the marquee that read “Roxie” have held out over the years, […]

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How to stay in SF

Well, technically this appears to be an ad for the new Jonah Hill movie War Dogs but it’s still pretty funny.

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Your early ticket to the new Alamo Drafthouse theater

Weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket to see the new Star Wars movie when the Alamo Drafthouse at the New Mission opens next week? There’s a way to get into the theater even earlier. The Alamo Drafthouse is having a soft opening starting tomorrow, showing movies including Home Alone, Straight Outta Compton and Love Actually a […]

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