Friends in high places

Obviously, you want to drink your beer in the most dangerous place possible.

Party pack

Capp Street party pack (minus the condom).

Dat ass!

Per Urban Dictionary: A positive vernacular expression used when one sees the buttocks of another …

Why stop?

Pardon me while I eat this entire pineapple in front of the old 99 cent store.

Symbolism on the street

God, I love public art. To me, the hot sauce symbolizes passion restrained.

Circus of terror

If there’s a good reason for this, I don’t know what it might be.

(Seen in a Mission Street window).

Why stay inside?

If my street is any indication, public flossing has become an epidemic.

Look what the wind blew in …



Poor Marco!

So much rubber!

Thriftiness is one thing, but this is disgusting.