Cream of the Capp

Wrinkle cream, hanging out on Capp Street.

Cole stoopin’ it

It was so hot last night that even this bag of coleslaw was sitting on a stoop to get some relief.

Call this number. Don’t call this number.

Funny flyers on Mission Street. I don’t know what this is about. Someone’s art project, perhaps? But you definitely need to call the phone number. SERIOUSLY, DO IT!!

Well doggonit!

It’s rare you see a missing flyer penned by the actual dog. Seriously though, we hope you find your way home, little guy.

Goat, thrown

Perhaps it’s just me but randomly discarded rubber gloves gross me out. Does it help that this one is kinda sorta throwing the goat? Not so much.

Who do ya love?

Via ottoventa who says:

I <3 Capp Girls

Stop the clownin’ around!

This terrifying scene played out in front of my house this weekend. Sadly, he was not being paid to leave.

Breakfast anytime, anywhere

Box of Aunt Jemima original pancake mix at the 16th Street BART Station. Because there is no wrong time for pancakes.

Mac and cheese, please!

If you like it, let the world know.

Needle in the heeeey!!!

Sometimes my flowerbed likes to get high.