Bitcoin investor shows off his robot hand, hacker hostel

We’ve all been there, frantically searching for our keys on the way out the door, already late for work. No more (apparently) said Jered Kenna.

In a new Daily Vice video in which the Bitcoin entrepreneur gives a tour of his Mission District hacker hostel 20Mission, Kenna reveals he has a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip implanted in his left hand and – holy crap, let’s hope he misspoke – suggests he installed it himself.

With a swipe of the skin between his thumb and first finger, Kenna then demonstrates his robot hand, activating a key pad to open a door to a black-lit staircase that I can only surmise leads to the super-secret basement of 20Mission. The video also features some scenes from HBO’s Silicon Valley, interviews with residents and footage from the tech dorm’s parties complete with silent discos, a couple of banana suits and fire dancers.

Kenna, who according to Mission Local bought the building that houses 20Mission back in February, also talks about how he first came to develop the tech community within the former SRO, “broke as shit” after his successful bitcoin startup went south.

“A friend of mine said, ‘hey, there’s this place in the Mission District, absolute shit hole. You’re probably not gonna want it,’” he said. “I went over here and was probably walking around for about 15 seconds and said ‘dude, let’s do this.’”

Dude, indeed.


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